Many of us own cemetery property we no longer want or need. Maybe you have moved or gotten divorced, perhaps your parents left extra graves to you when they died, whatever the case, you now want to sell the property.

If you contact the cemetery office you will probably learn that they "DO NOT RE-PURCHASE GRAVES" and that makes sense, they have an inventory of their own to sell. There must be a way ?

Correct! Place a listing here on, the only site on the net of it's kind. We are not brokers or agents and we never charge fees for the sales you make. Our only goal is to help you advertise as economically as possible.

Click on the Submit Listing link to place a listing for your graves, mausoleum crypts, or cremation niches that you want to sell. At a cost of only $ 29.00, YOUR AD WILL REMAIN ON THE SITE FOR 2 YEARS or until a sale is made, it's that simple. You will spend more than that on a 1 day ad in your local classifieds and in most cases will not sell anything, give it a try today.

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